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Spring, an enchanting season

Spring, what a particularly magical season it is. Spring is a season full of life and renewal. It is a time when nature awakens from hibernation and opens up to a colorful spectacle of flowers and insects such as butterflies, damselflies and dragonflies. There is so much beauty to see, as a photographer you get the feeling that nature has become one big candy store.

The magic of spring can also be found in the mystical forests, some covered with a carpet of flowers such as wood anemones, wild garlic or rhododendrons. The exuberant blossom bloom on the Japanese cherry or fruit trees is also a feast for the eyes. After cold nights, sprinkling the blossom is a true spectacle to experience. Foggy mornings with breathtaking landscapes. Sunsets with the spectacle of the sun slowly sinking below the horizon filling the sky with beautiful colors, a true spectacle. Rural mood makers such as cow parsley, also called 'Dutch lace' or rapeseed. The spring butterflies such as the Oranjetipje resting on a cuckoo flower, followed a little later by the Common Blue, dragonflies and damselflies. I could name a lot more, but I prefer to show it with pictures. Are you enjoying the spring feeling in my series of spring photos?

Butterflies and other spring creatures
Nature awakens! Plants sprout and begin to bloom. The first insects appear again, such as the orange tip or the common blue, real spring butterflies. The beauty of damselflies and dragonflies is also a joy to photograph.
A spring butterfly, the Oranjetipje, hangs on a host plant (Pentecostal flower)
Orange tip hanging from a Pentecostal flower
Orange tip on top of the cow parsley with a sunny yellow background bokeh
Orange tip on top of the cow parsley

Two butterflies, common blues, sit on top of a buttercup
Two icarus blues, sometimes you have to be a little lucky......

A dragonfly with dew drops hangs on sorrel. A dreamy fairytale atmosphere
The dragonfly: a fusion of nature and art
Two mating damselflies hang from a pole in silhouette with sun behind and beautiful bokeh
Mating damselflies at sunrise


It starts with the Japanese flowering cherry with its beautiful flowers. Then the fruit trees put on their white and pink wigs and the delicate flowers spread a subtle sweet scent. This is the time when the bees do their important pollination work. In early spring there is also a chance of night frost and the blossoms will start to be sprinkled. The fruit grower then sprays
water over the trees with blossoms at night. By spraying the trees with water, the water freezes around the blossom. This creates a layer of ice and prevents the blossom and therefore the fruit from freezing. Hard work for the fruit grower and no sleep at night, but a bouncing moment for the photographer.
Frozen blossom by sprinkling. In the background the Butterfly windmill, pearl of the Betuwe
An insulating layer of ice around the blossom with the Butterfly windmill in the background
Apple blossom with beautiful bokeh sunrise
Apple blossom in the early morning
Detail of blossom with a nice bokeh
Blossom of the Japanese flowering cherry
Betuws scene: a vista with blossoms gives a view of windmill de Vrijheid
Windmill between the blossoms

Enchanted forests in spring

After some rain showers and warmer days, the forest starts to explode with lush greenery, the trees start to bloom and some forests get a carpet of white flowers such as the wood anemones or flowering wild garlic. Later in the spring the forest turns purple and pink from the blooming flowers of the rhododendrons.
Entrance gate with coats of arms. In the background the Notenlaan de an and fresh green
Lush fresh green at the entrance gate Notenlaan Landgoed Marienwaerdt
Hiker with two dogs on a leash takes a walk between cow parsley and surrounded by old walnut trees
Spring walk among the cow parsley and surrounded by old walnut trees
Beautiful spring bloomer, the wood anemone, among the greenery
Wood anemones, photogenic spring bloomers
Spring forest with walking path and a flower carpet of wild garlic, wild garlic.
White carpet of flowers in the wild garlic forest
A spring forest with lots of fresh green and blooming rhododendrons
Blooming rhododendrons in the fairytale spring forest


Rapeseed creates a rural atmosphere in the spring. The verges and dikes are beautifully colored yellow. The ultimate spring feeling!
Field full of rapeseed and an old fruit tree with a beautiful sunrise
Tall fruit tree surrounded by rapeseed
Old standard fruit trees between cow parsley and rapeseed (Herik)
A dream place..... old standard fruit trees between cow parsley and rapeseed
Fenced footpath, lots of rapeseed and old fruit trees
Lovely walk through a sea of yellow flowers of rapeseed with old fruit trees
Blue sky, ditches, cows in the pasture and cow parsley. Dutch nostalgia
A typical Dutch landscape with cows and rapeseed in spring

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets in spring

Spring comes from the word 'long'. In the spring the days get longer and there is more sunlight. This means that as a photographer you have to get out of bed very early for the beautiful sunrises, but once on location it gives you the feeling that you are witnessing something very special. Also a sunset in spring always evokes a sense of wonder in me. The spectacle of the sun slowly sinking below the horizon and filling the sky with beautiful colors, ranging from soft pink and orange to purple and blue, gives a beautiful spectacle. It makes you stop and marvel at the beauty and grandeur of nature.
A water with a tree and rapeseed during a foggy colorful morning
A dream spot on a very early spring morning
Foggy orange sunrise with a water, fence, old fruit tree and lots of rapeseed
What a magical season spring is
Beautiful large orange sphere as the sun rising behind a group of horses standing in a meadow
A beautiful sunrise behind this group of horses in the Betuwe
Purple, pink sunset over the river Lek with a tree on a groyne on the left
Sunset on the river Lek
Hay rolls in a meadow with a tree in the background and a beautiful sunset
Sunset at the hay rolls

On my website you will find many more spring photos, feel free to take a look. I am also genuinely curious about your reactions to this blog and of course I am also very curious about how you photographed spring. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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