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  • Christa Moetwil - van Dijk

My first blog .... exciting ... never done so I think I can do it.

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Autumn light: A runner runs through a avenue with old nut trees where magical sun rays or sun harps illuminate the runner.
Dreaming ... ......... I used to want to become a police officer, study history, become a journalistic photographer. Man get to know, married, started a company together, had children and now passionately engaged in landscape and nature photography. In the forest, near a mill, a harbor, a beautiful sunset ... .......... converting a wonder into photos with a wow feeling, wonderful to do!

Meanwhile put photos on Facebook, on Instagram and also made a website. Now my website is quite in order, the photos are on themes and the photos that I like best in the portfolio. And then my first blog. I'm curious what you think and of course what you think of my photos. Like to hear from you. And of course I am also very curious about your journey of discovery to taking beautiful landscape and nature photos.

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