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  • Christa Moetwil - van Dijk

Spontaneous action appears in newspapers and online.

Updated: Mar 3, 2023

Why do you love autumn so much?

Newspaper article only in Dutch, Story under newspaper article continues in English.

Newspaper article with landscape photos about why you like autumn so much.
A while ago I was reading some news on my mobile on the Algemeen Dagblad app. I suddenly came across the question if you want to say something about why you love autumn so much. Well, I know, what do you think of all those beautiful colors in the autumn woods and the mushrooms. Thought I'd go crazy and signed up to participate. Well this spontaneous action ended up in the newspaper and a day later the article was also placed online. How nice is that! I wonder if you also love autumn or maybe you think another season is much nicer to photograph. Looking forward to your stories.

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